Introduction - PlantPARTNER
Welcome to PlantPARTNER

One License at £225 ex vat for a year covers an entire office! details...

  an essential information service for the landscape professional
  a stand-alone web-based work-station supported by an extensive database
  industry-connected providing expert & current market information for UK-based schemes

PlantPARTNER is the most up-to-date system of its kind as well as the most cost effective, providing a free confidential service by a Horticulturist + qualified Landscape Architect.

  Database of Plants - with additions added automatically and on request
 Images - currently 12,232 with additions added automatically
  Specifications - currently 24,996 plant sizes with fully industry-compliant specifications
  Availability Indicators - informed Europe-wide automatically updated every 6 months
  Guide Prices - checked & updated automatically every 6 months
  Backup - automatic & incremental supporting a 30-day recall period for inputted work
  Request facility - same day if not same hour response to all comments and queries
  Expert Support - response to requests on anything concerned with plants

Furthermore, PlantPARTNER provides:-

  Accessibility 24/7 to your work from any internet-connected pc or device with a browser
 'Super-network' opportunity to a single point of storage for one or more offices
  Multiple & simultaneous access on any number of computers within a single license
 Ability to create, save, amend, copy & export Palettes and Schedules with notes
  Care Notes and Health & Safety details instantly accessible whenever applicable
  A wide range of Palette and Schedule formatted exports into Microsoft Word & Excel with in-built formula for instant calculations, including ones for integration within design software

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